Life Insurance vs. Life Assurance

Comparison: Life Insurance VS Life Assurance

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You may think life assurance and life insurance are the same things. But there are slightly different. The main difference between Life Insurance vs Life Assurance is that life insurance covers the policyholder for some time, and life assurance covers the policy for the rest of their lives.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance to protect the cover time of the insurance. Suppose you die during the policy. In that case, the insurance company will pay a tax-free amount to your beneficiaries. However, if you exceed the policy period, your heirs will not receive any payment. Read more about Life Insurance and Its Importance.

There are three different life insurance products: pension protection, convertible term life insurance, and term life insurance.

What is life assurance?

On the other hand, life assurance is not based on the principle of protection for a fixed term and instead means you are covered until you die. Therefore, with life assurance, typically, payment is made when the policyholder dies.

Comparison about Life Insurance vs. Life Assurance

The significant difference is the length of the policy between life insurance and life assurance.

Life insurance Life Assurance

Life Insurance

  • Life insurance lasts for an agreed period of several years and may vary.
  • If you do not die during the life insurance policy, your family will not receive your death benefit.
  • With life assurance policies, you may have the option to increase your death benefit during the process, but you cannot reduce it.
  • You have the opportunity to choose between level, increase or decrease cover.

Life Assurance

  • It is lifetime security.
  • Your family is guaranteed to pay when you die.
  • There is no name and guarantee of health, which means your family will receive a lump sum or not die for many, many years.
  • With life assurance policies, you may have the option to increase your death benefit during the process, but you cannot reduce it.

Also, Life insurance and Life Assurance premiums are usually higher than average life premiums as payment is guaranteed and lasts a lifetime.

Cost of the Life Insurance and Life Assurance

Suppose we illustrate the discussion about Life Insurance vs Life Assurance. In that case, life assurance generally costs more than Life Insurance because the term length of life assurance is more extended than life insurance.

Life Insurance

People think of life insurance as a financial safety net, giving you peace of mind that your family won’t suffer if you die unexpectedly. It can be considered an emergency measure to ensure that they can keep up with mortgage payments and other debt.

Life Assurance

Life assurance is probably better understood as a payable investment when you die. With guaranteed payments close to open term limits, it’s a great way to leave money for the future generation. It will support your family.

Life Insurance or Life Assurance which one do I choose?

Everyone’s living conditions are different, and it depends on the type of cover you want. For most people, however, life insurance provides adequate coverage for their needs at an affordable price. It is because the most critical events in life last a few years.

It will help your kids until they are being mature as the insurance exists for 25 years generally. Therefore, many people choose life insurance as they set the time to keep the length of their most expensive life events. After these financial obligations, their family may no longer need a lumpsum when they die. Suppose your family only needs cover during your mortgage but not after that. In that case, life insurance will work for you.

However, if your family will need financial support if you go through many years in the future, life assurance may be a better option. It will be a matter of pleasure for you if your family will be taken care of whenever you die. This guaranteed payment and peace of mind will be more expensive as monthly premiums will be higher.

Many people choose life assurance instead of life insurance. Because they wish to provide their family with financial freedom when they die, they do not need to leave money to help with debt, but they want to share their family freedom after graduation.

Make sure you know about life insurance vs. life assurance before making a decision.


Life Insurance vs. Life Assurance are sometimes very much similar. But Life insurance is a fixed-term policy, and life assurance is permanent. Life assurance can always be called health cover. It can include more than 50s life insurance policies as this usually lasts a lifetime.

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